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Giving Africa
Fundraising Target: £400
Contact: Jenn Wright
Telephone: 07799338465


Invite your friends and family to jump with you or just help us spread the word about our charity skydives. The more people we get to jump the more money we raise for Giving Africa.

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Who we are

A small charity that  ensures we maximise our effectiveness. We are focusing our efforts on supporting communities living in a relatively small locality in the north of Burkina Faso.

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world; it ranks 183 of 186 on the UN’s Human Development Index (HDI). Almost half the population live below the poverty line. The adult literacy rate is just 28.7% and the country has the second lowest school enrollment rate in the world. (Unesco 2010).

What we do

We are developing Bethel secondary school into a ‘model of excellence’ for secondary school education in Burkina Faso. Our aim is to create a learning environment and curriculum that:

  • Increases access:               increasing capacity, reducing class sizes and reducing other barriers to access (gender barriers, poverty etc)
  • Increases quality:                improving the environment, providing resources andfacilities (inc. good quality teachers)
  • Improves relevance:          vocational training in crafts and trades to ensure employability and inclusion of vital life skills education




A list of charities that we are partnered with are here for you to select. Some of the charities that we work with have fundraising targets and others are self-funded by yourself, each charity we work with will state if they will contribute to some of your jump cost or if you need to self-fund your own place.


You can book individually or as a group with just a £50 deposit per person on any operational day. Some of the charities we work with have reserved spaces on pre-selected days that you are more than welcome to join.


OK you’re all set – This is now the time to start fundraising for your selected charity, we recommend to set up an online fundraising page as all funds you raise will automatically go to the charity of your choice. Please remember you are unable to use any money raised to pay for your skydive and if you have a target set by the charity you have to hit this 3 weeks before the date of your jump to ensure these funds are online for the charity to see!

Charity not listed? Not a problem...

If your charity is not listed you can still book an independent charity skydive.
Book your Skydive directly with one of our team on 01722 568604

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